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S A Industries, A company that has been in Plastic processing and a part of a group for 50 years and currently involved in the development and manufacture of many Industrial products. 50 Years of processing Industrial Plastics like Polycarbonate; Poly Acetals, Poly amide, ABS, SAN, Acrylic. Now available to you.

Products carefully selected from Good Chinese manufacturers, inspected verified and checked before being offered to you. All testing and validation done on the actual shop floor by actual processors and operators. Manufacturers selected on the basis of Techinical Expertise, Manufactured Volume, and commitment to customer input.

All Goods imported are 100% inspected by our associate offices in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Good Quality Products from an established manufacturer in China, supported fully with stock service and spares by a manufacturer in India. We completely understand the requirement of our customers in India and are fully equipped for it. All consumables and spares are always in stock, so the customer does not have down time. All the equipment we sell is used by us in the factory and is available for inspection and testing whenever required.

Our Vision :
We will inspire our employees to be the best they can be. We will engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our customers.

Our Mission :
To ensure that customer select the correct machines, accessories and to link suitable for his job requirement. To provide the professional technical support for preventive and break down machineries to minimize the down time.